Hypnotherapy, Past Life & Life Between Lives Regression


Hypnosis allows you to experience a heightened level of mental, physical and emotional relaxation so that the natural healing powers of the body-mind are accessed, directed and amplified. In this natural but altered state of mind, you feel very relaxed but also highly focused.

For example, think about a time when you were struggling to solve a difficult problem. In exhaustion and frustration, you let your mind wander. Then suddenly, there it is, the answer you were looking for. Your conscious meshed with your subconscious to create a more powerful and resourceful state in which you could find the answer. It is in this altered state that you can recognize and transform behavior patterns.

As a skilled hypnotherapist, I use proven techniques to gently guide you through your turning point: suggestion therapy, spatial and physical anchors, core transformation, reframing, body-mind dialogues and fear/phobia reversal hypnosis. All of which can be used as primary or adjunctive therapy to other parts of your healing.

Our work together will be based on your experiences, imagery, feelings and responses. Nothing is pre-scripted – my approach is tailored just for you. Hypnotherapy is empowering because you are an equal partner in your own change process.

Hypnosis has proven extremely effective for:

  • Relieving Stress & Insomnia
  • Decreasing Anxiety
  • Controlling Weight & Body Image Issues
  • Becoming a Non-Smoker
  • Controlling Pain
  • Accelerating Healing
  • Increasing Motivation & Energy
  • Relief from Fear & Phobias
  • Exploring Anger, Guilt & Low Self-Esteem
  • Developing Positive Inner Resources
  • Enhancing Sports Performance
  • Cultivating Creativity
  • Analyzing Dreams

In the first hypnosis session I experienced the deepest relaxation ever. I can’t thank you enough for helping me improve my eating habits and increase my physical activity. On a daily basis I run “the tape” that I created during hypnosis of a healthier, more energetic, flexible and stronger me and my life has improved a good deal as a result.

D.B., Charlottesville, VA


I am very pleased with my progress. Several years ago I was unnerved on high escalators, open second story malls, or vistas with a rolling grade. Now, after just a few sessions I am able to do all of those things and more with no fear.

J. Rydlund, Quality Manager, Charlottesville, VA.


Hypnotic Regression

Sometimes events and relationships in our lives are difficult to understand or explain on the basis of what we know of our present circumstances. In these cases, we may decide to work in hypnosis with age, pre-natal or past life regression. The energetic system of our body-mind can hold the patterns of events experienced when we were very young, before birth or even in a past life. In deep states of hypnosis, these patterns can be accessed and brought into awareness to help clarify present day issues.

I lost my mindfulness, which resulted in a fall down a flight of concrete steps and two fractured ribs. I decided that I needed to revisit some childhood wounds. After several sessions, I felt grounded. Thank you for helping me to get “me” back.

J.A. Bodyworker, Charlottesville, VA

Helene’s clear hypnotherapy process helped me to move through my current life and body stress by guiding me to a safe place where I could gently observe the image of my life and then step more deeply into it’s original source. I felt a deep release and softening in my neck area, as well as in my resistance to my current life situation. Thank you for guiding me to open myself to allowing and non-resistance.

Cindy Bowen, Energy Healing Practitioner, Charlottesville, VA

After struggling with a sleep disorder since childhood that doctors repeatedly told me could only be managed with drugs, I contacted Helene as a last-ditch effort. After my first visit, I knew that things had changed in ways I was only beginning to understand. Our work together has gotten my issue completely under control and through our continuing regressions I am able to more fully recognize my spiritual path and how I can bring more peace to this life. I am deeply grateful.

L. Jones, Writer, Charlottesville, VA

Life Between Lives (LBL) Regression

This regression method is a deep and powerful way to explore the continually evolving matrix of your spiritual self. Many Eastern philosophical traditions have mapped the experiences of the “Bardo” or “inter-life” such as those chronicled in the Tibetan and Egyptian Books of the Dead. In the West, the landscape of this journey between lives has been and mapped and continues to expand through the contributions of explorers such as Carl Jung, Joel Whitton and Joe Fisher and Michael Newton.
In a LBL Regression, you can, through your perceptions of this multi-dimensional plane, experience for yourself the eternal validity of your deepest essence.

After having several great hypnosis sessions with Helene, all of which moved me forward in my spiritual path, I was really excited about experiencing my very first Life Between Life session. During our work together I gained deep insights about my purpose in this life and the lessons I am here to learn. I was also able to reconnect with my inner guides, who answered some of my most vital questions. Helene is very skillful in guiding anyone who is on the path seeking greater knowledge. I am looking forward to another great session with her.

Bianca Ramos, Teacher, Palm Harbor, FL